The Case of the Double Trouble Insurance Bubble

All our client really wanted was to get medical treatment for the injuries he suffered in a car crash.  His problem was that he had coordinated Michigan No-Fault auto insurance, which claimed that the health plan he had through his work had to pay all the bills. However, his employer-provided health plan insisted that the auto insurance had to pay the bills.  They not only reached a stalemate, with no one willing to pay the bills – the situation reached the point where the employer’s health plan  actually demanded reimbursement from our client.  

Our client was caught in the double trouble insurance bubble.

Fortunately, the attorney handling our client’s case knew that a special type of lawyer was needed and called us.  As an astute Judge once observed, “the only thing worse than having no insurance policy is having two” – unless you have the right attorney to help you.

We went through all of the convoluted arguments put forth by the insurance company and offered our client a plan for us to file a lawsuit in federal court against both the Michigan No-Fault insurer and the employer’s health plan.

Our client hired us, and we went to work.  Cases like these require experience with both Michigan No-Fault Law and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which is one of the most complicated laws on the books. It is time-consuming and highly-demanding legal work.

In the end, we were able to force the Michigan No-Fault insurer to pay all the medical bills, and our client still received his pain and suffering money without paying anything out of his own pocket.  Most importantly, our client was able to get the medical care he desperately needed as a result of the crash.