Be Of Those Who Lend A Hand Where They Can

About JuneLaw


The clients who come through our doors are our heroes, fighting to protect their worlds in the face of great adversity. We are here to lead them through the legal process so they can safely go on to conquer the challenges ahead.

How We Can Help You

We sue insurance companies. We represent people in state and federal cases throughout Michigan. Our primary practice areas include all types of insurance claims, pension disputes, and Social Security disability. We regularly handle ERISA claims. In fact, other lawyers frequently refer their most difficult cases to us. Nevertheless, our priority is to avoid the need to file a lawsuit, by helping our clients through the insurance claims process from the beginning.

Helping People with Insurance and Disability Disputes

The insurance cases we handle include auto accidents and no-fault automobile insurance, long term disability, accidental death, life insurance, social security, and health coverage disputes. Our clients range from professionals who have lost the ability to perform the sophisticated tasks of their specialized work to distraught family members whose grief is compounded when they learn that their life or accident insurance won't pay after all. People in these situations should not feel that they have to go it alone, and we are here to make sure they get the help they need.